As well as working as a freelance journalist and producer, I also work with a number of corporate and charity clients.

Some of this work is as a straightforward content writer, while for others it is as a consultant. My diverse professional background means I am equipped to help companies and charities in a multitude of capacities.

While my speciality is social media, I have worked with clients on content plans and production, marketing and communications strategies, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and PR.

Social media

A digital native, social media is my speciality. I’ve worked with brands and media organisations on their social strategies and content production across a multitude of platforms and with a range of influencers.

Not sure whether you should be using hashtags on LinkedIn? Unclear on how to make a Twitter card? Fancy turning your hand to TikTok?

I can help unpick the web of social media and build a strategy that works for you and your brand.


I regularly work as a content writer, editor, and strategist for companies and charities. I’ve worked with press teams to ghostwrite for major national publications, with start-ups to develop content strategies, and with charities to rewrite their websites.

I develop clear and effective copy and content to support your needs. Feel free to drop me a line with any content requests.

Marketing, communications, & PR consultancy

Having worked in major NGOs, for national newspapers and broadcasters, and at one of the largest private companies in the world – I have experience with marketing and communications from a multitude of angles.

I’ve helped start-ups create entire MarComms strategies, worked as an in-house PR and digital marketing consultant for a global tech company, and run social media campaigns for growing charities.

If you need help with marketing, communications, PR, or social media – just get in touch! Whether you want someone to lead a rebrand or offer some advice on a PR campaign or teach you how to use TikTok, no project is too big or small.

I have a particular passion for charities, social enterprises, start-ups, and educational organisations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consultancy

CSR is a real buzzword nowadays. Companies everywhere are jumping on board the sustainability and community outreach train – but often without any idea what they are doing or where they are going.

CSR is really a catch-all term for many possible things; it could be as simple as a cake sale run by staff, or it could be the formation of a corporate foundation. CSR could be your staff volunteering with a local charity, or it could be a major initiative examining your supply chain around the world.

Fundamentally CSR comes down to three major areas: philanthropy, sustainability, and community. There is a huge crossover between all three, but this is typically my approach when working with companies to build their CSR programme.

I’ve consulted and developed CSR strategies for companies worth £4.5bn, creating a three-tiered approach. I’ve also worked within charities, working to build CSR relationships with companies from the other side – so I know how CSR works from both sides of the coin.

Getting CSR right is difficult, especially when you can only see one side of the picture. It’s why working with a consultant – even just for a day or two to brainstorm – can be so beneficial.

Get in contact to talk more about what I can do for your CSR programme!