For the longest time, sport was my entire life. It was all I thought about, and all I ever wanted to do. After a period of illness, I gained some much needed perspective, but it still continues to be a large part of my life.

I also love travel, and the first thing I do when I get to somewhere new is explore it by foot – usually by running.

Running Round the World is my travel blog for running. It documents my favourite run routes from around the world, each route designed to show travellers highlights of a city or place, whilst also providing some commentary and insight into my experiences there.

The blog also tracks my own training, as I prepare for the next big event. Currently I am working towards my 300km challenge, where I will be running just over 300km in 3 months through doing: the Annapurna Ultramarathon, London Marathon, and Edinburgh Marathon in 2018. I’m raising money for the Mental Health Foundation, and you can read more about my fundraising here!